2/11: AAware, Dallas Acid, Real Live Tigers

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2/11: AAware, Dallas Acid, Real Live Tigers

2/11: AAware, Dallas Acid, Real Live Tigers

7pm, Wednesday February 11th:

AAware, Dallas Acid, Real Live Tigers (solo)
$5 at the door. Concessions available or bring your own

Mr. Jc King is stopping by Austin, TX,
“I’ll be presenting music in solo, duo and trio or quartet, strings and horns (Hello Lovers) and electronics.”
AAware is new work from Jc King of Hello Lovers. This performance will feature new music with varied methods and guests.

Also performing will be Michael Gerner and his synth drone project, Dallas Acid.

After almost 15 years of creating soundtracks to aid space travelers, including the modern classic “Odeon” for Olde English Spelling Bee. DA returns with a new lineup which includes former members of Golden Animals, Vietnam & the Prima Donnas. The seminal cosmic synth-scape outfit pilots you on a deep space journey, diving into washes of shifting sound waves and through the burning growls and screaming white noise of uncharted anomalies. Rhythms of primordial ritual carry you past warped melodies breaking apart in the gravitational pull, through trickling oscillator fluctuations burning like cinders in the deep cold emptiness. Experience purification through fire, a cleansing of the soul in the deep warmth of the sun.

Real Live Tigers solo

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